The Excavator


There is an eternal spring of multi-dimensional inspiration from which the labor of love manifests works of transformation in the events transpiring on the stage of each soul’s life. This eternal spring dwells in the heart of every man, and, though it may lay dormant, it is the entitlement of each and every incarnation. Your gift of empowerment is the freedom to choose. You possess the key to co-create the majesty of this life, and partake in the love and uplifting reward of creation.

Do not despair that the call made belongs to the glory of wealth, fame, and beauty.  On the contrary, take the trophy of assurance and acknowledge the life of meek appearances which has unsuspectingly excavated the mines of golden truth, eternal love, and certain victory. Acquiesce to a life which at almost every turn beneficently downplays the temptation to shine with the glitter of recognition, status, and worldly power. This glittering, long-standing building is now condemned by the redemption of a resurrected age of ancient revelations. Your earned treasure awaits you in a kingdom of unspoken wonder where with expected purpose each one of us claims a divine inheritance. Dust away the speckles of illusion from the treasure chest, willfully open the lid of promise and truth, and joyfully share the unending stream of highest evolution.

The oppressed life, the tired work, the imprisoned heart, and the solemn eyes exclaim the triumph of a new world order.  From the treachery of worldly life emerges an awakened light more translucent than the established dogmas of governing nations and societal institutions. The blinded powers of unshakable rule overlook the life of guarded knowledge and love which rises from the soil of toil. In the least likely of places, from the least likely of nations, with the least likely of faces speak the souls with words of light dismantling the architecture of a world gone-by and engineering the vessels of ethereal flight.


photo credit: what’s_the_frequency <a href=”″>three</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;


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