Build and They Will Come


Build purity and service and they will come. Labor in the fields of gratitude and await the forces of inspiration. Accept the conditions of daily life and complete the tasks presented before you. Rest your mind on the certainty of vibrations of peace, joy, and harmony. Take the reigns of co-creation and tackle the puzzle of conflict and strife. Surrender the weapons of achievement and acquisition, and accompany the meekness of stillness, obscurity, and banality. Dive into the ocean of transformation and allow the energy of healing change to drag you into the depths of illumination. Breathe the water of wisdom and knowledge and willingly drown in the glory of peace and love. Build this and they will come.


They will come on fleets of light and power. They will restore our broken homes, rugged streets, and jagged nations. They will empower the pillars of Earthly evolution to invoke the mutations of elevated existence and soaring purpose. They will set foot on our cultivated ground and consume our harvest of service and humility. This angelic delegation will travel from the galactic dimension and uphold the debt to humanity owed for our constant and benevolent desire to ascend this planet from the pits of egoism, aggression, and avarice. We build with hands of kindness, minds of understanding, hearts of love, and bodies of light, and they will come.

photo credit: americanartmuseum N06/3314628816″>James E. Allen: The Connectors, 1934 via photopin (license)

photo credit: Stefans02 N02/33532206613″>Elite Dangerous / Close Quarters via photopin (license)


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