The Elect


The time has come to dethrone illusory powers and deliver the quest for glory intended for all. Each one stands in the assigned post and passes the baton of brotherhood to every soul promised existence in the vanguards of life. The blindfold of hierarchies slips away as the hand of compassion is extended to the reaches of all land and all people. The scale of liberty balances the empowerment removing heaps of wealth and recognition to too few for too long. Look not to the formally awarded the favor of title, the privilege of inheritance, the glamour of fame, or the ecstasy of riches. Instead, look upon the face of the unacquainted, follow in the footsteps of the uncelebrated, and listen to the unperceived words which reverberate in the slums of crumbling cities.

Depend on the most unsuspecting souls to deliver the disheartened denizens of sabotaged avenues from the handholds of despotic bureaucratic forces. Pray to disintegrate the resistance to dispel the predilection of usurpers of influence to wrest from the hands of the weary and benumbed the entitlement, the birthright, to ordain the disclosure of a distinctive, universal design. Hearken the cry from the plain of azure heights beckoning the essence of life to rouse the ancient mystery of peaceful, harmonious, never-ceasing impulse. Resolve the potentiality and actuality the keeper of might, majesty, and mastery stands in your shoes. Extinguish the beams of media which construct standards of grace and acclamation lavished to the preferred, elite minority. Withdraw the invalid notion that the savior of nations occupies a solitary seat, and be questionless in the truth of your godhood.

photo credit: Rüdiger Stehn <a href=”″>Ägypten 1999 (635) Kairo: Große Sphinx, Gizeh</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)&lt;


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