A Recipe for Peace

I fight for peace every day. The greatest war is against the power of anger toward the actions of others in some past event or situation. It could also be a war against my illusions of a past when, in divine terms, time does not exist. Very recently, I clearly realized my role as a lover of war. I easily war with people and situations I encounter throughout the day, and I easily war with people in my thoughts. I clearly recognize my fear-based struggle to give my ego a place within the context of the third dimension. I can be overly concerned, maybe even obsessed, with the image I present to the world.

Truthfully, I dread appearing dumb, weak, and wrong. I compete in the race to be number one, to have social status, to own certain material things, to be recognized in professional circles, to be an eloquent speaker, nevermind a good listener. Every waking moment I am warring with things, people, and situations. This is where I have come to fully understand that peace starts with oneself. The energy output of my warring thoughts transcends the peace this world desires. I am offensive and defensive.


My armor is will, a God-given will. I have sought and I have found. I have asked and I have received. This has been the simple but powerful path I have taken. Every waking moment I am a keen monitor of my thoughts. Each time I am more skilled at dismissing my anger toward imagined transgressions from the car that got in front of me on the road, from the customer that made it to the cash register three seconds faster than I, from the coworker, employer, friend, or relative that had the last word, from the parents who didn’t love or hug me enough, from the government that can’t get the laws and policies right. I am a warrior of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, and kindness. It will be known, and it is being known that this is the powerful force which will change the world forever. Let there be peace.


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