Yes, I Pray

IMG_0079It would be an understatement to write I am a better person because of prayer. I now interchangeably refer to prayer as affirmations. Prayer is the stronghold of my life. It is my vehicle of positive change and wisdom.

As a reference point, I look back to my life before prayer which includes birth to the age of twenty something.  The day I devoted myself to prayer I was catapulted to a higher dimension of personal transformation. I was brought to the detoxifying process of grief and countless tears. I was able to undo an early life of fear, insecurity, anger, trauma, and the somber list goes on.

I do not claim religious membership or doctrines. I only claim to know the force which urged a turning point in a life of symbolic blindness to the possibility of joy and purpose. I propose to stand firm by my daily affirmations. I propose to share with others the strength one person has to make a change in the world, or in oneself.

People may call me disciplined or calm. They may call me happy-go-lucky or optimistic. They may call me accomplished and committed. I do not often announce this personal practice of prayer, but I should. It is the basis of my strength and happiness which is evident in the social, familial, and economic rewards life brings my way sometimes so peculiarly. If one may ask or wonder where I find the determination to live a life of duty, work, purpose, love, and, above all, laughter, the answer is prayer. I image and ordain as author Linda Goodman puts it, or I pray as religion puts it.


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