A Quest for Fruitarianism: My Journey of Change


One of the single most important principles I have learned about the fruitarian diet is that easing into transformative change invites consistent and phenomenal commitment to a desired goal. For more than ten years I have progressively become a fruitarian, a diet of choice which consists of the consumption of fruit and all kinds of nuts.

I first learned about fruitarianism about twenty years ago in Linda Goodman’s New Age book titled Star Signs. Of course, at that point in time, the concept of fruitarianism was really a description of a way of living which rested in the comprehension of my mind, but not an idea which necessarily awakened the passion of my heart to change the world and myself through food choices. Nevertheless, the seed was planted, and, through what I can best describe as an awakening, I eventually gravitated toward the sincere desire to begin this fruitarian diet outlined in Star Signs, which continues to be a book I refer to in my amazing quest for illumination.

Very basically, it takes fifteen years to become a full fruitarian, and the diet is broken down into phases consisting of five years each. I’m participating in the last phase of the diet ready to become a full fruitarian by November 2021. It has been an amazing journey which, on an intuitive level, has made me a different kind of person, which has inspired, almost as if by magic, profound ideas about the meaning and purpose of life. What needed to happen as a result of this fruitarian diet, and what has happened, is that my devotion to fruitarianism is born of my heart. I live and breathe fruitarianism.

I claim that humanity’s greatest war is against food consumption. I stand by Linda Goodman’s truth that what we eat is what we think, and what we think is who we are. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird’s The Secret Life of Plants, part of Goodman’s recommended reading list, describes an experiment which reveals the vibration of food. The measure of vibration can  be high, which is considered positive, or it can be low, which is considered negative. It is of no surprise that fruit is of a high vibration. I earnestly believe fruitarianism is a quest for transmutation. Fruitarianism defies the empirical conclusions of  science and nutritionists that humanity is meant for a specific diet, or a specific food, that our biology insists on it.

The gentle and forgiving approach to the steps to becoming a fruitarian outlined in Goodman’s book inspire the elevated idea that we can ease into great change, and discover a great love for sticking to our desires. Nothing and no one can make you believe anything if it does not involve your passion and desire. If it involves your passion and desire, nothing and no one can convince you otherwise of what you should or should not eat. Through passion and desire for fruitarianism one finds the strength and courage to question institutions strategically aimed at dictating what we eat. No amount of hypothetical reasoning, empirical evidence, respectable journals, and no power of institutions can forbid the positive force of a diet which changes the mind, the body, and one’s life. Until one makes the choice to live it, then all is just words. To live it, we must feel it. Fruit can do that for you, for as Goodman explains, it is the only food which is truly alive, and are we not born to be alive?


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