Ascension: Its Cost and Profit


Ascension, to me, is a shared experience, or, should I say, an experience of sharing. Instead of placing one above others, the true ascension of one person motivates the ascension of another. No hierarchy exists within the ascension process. A core process of ascension is its ability to replicate itself within the heart of every person choosing to share the experience. It is not something which belongs to anyone, yet it can be shared by everyone. My insights into ascension are your insights as well. The divinity within me is the divinity within you. In the ascension process, I possess nothing that you may not also possess. The profit gained by sharing with you my positive journey of ascension lies in the actions you are inspired to take as a result of what you know about me. The same holds true for whatever I may learn about you. The most beneficial things I may share with you on the journey of ascension are completely free. The truest thing about ascension is that all of us have access to it at any moment, in any place. There is no waiting list and no financial cost associated with attaining it. The only lightworker able to provide you with the highest illumination is the one you find within yourself. My job is to show compassion and a desire to give to others what has been given to me on the journey.

“The only lightworker able to provide you with the highest illumination is the one you find within yourself.”

You may ask what has been given to me on the journey of ascension? What has been given to me is the blessing of joy and purpose under highly unlikely circumstances. By outward appearances, from the time I was born until several years back, hardly anything in my life shows the possibility of the awakening I have experienced. Far greater than the economic poverty into which I was born, was the poverty of spirit which entrenched itself in the framework of my environment. In the progress of time, I was to suffer from weak judgment expressed by profound emotional pain. However, in the midst of self-destruction, slowly but surely, I was led down a path of spiritual learning by the unexpected encounter of certain souls, the peculiar attainment of certain books, the surprising arrival of some souls in my life followed by the somberly departure of other souls I loved. Though life shoved me, punched me, and plastered me either through my own doing or the doing of others, the universal good belonging to ascension proposed to extricate me from deep and dark emotional depths. What I have been left with is genuine gratitude for the sequence of life events, whether they felt painful or joyous at the time of their occurrence, for bringing me to this spot where I now stand. What matters for me to share with you is that the ascension you may seek out there is nowhere to be found but within.



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