Ascending from Modern to Ancient


In this modern age, we are comfortably lured by the word “modern”. Therefore, it is quite modern to love anything labeled as modern. Modern amenities abound for our love of the modern. One way we are provided a sense of forward movement or modernity is by the provision of electronic devices which are upgraded in a time frame most of us would consider fast, very fast. If we had to wait as long as we did for VCR’s to convert to DVD players, a slight fear may be induced that the world will revert to something as archaic as the use of stone tools. We have been persuaded to adopt consumerism and accept it as an assurance of the growth and, dare I say, magnificence of humanity. For some of us, before we even come to know the meaning of hashtag, LOL, or Bluetooth, there come new concepts, new devices, new modes, new styles, new fashions, new shoe heel lengths, new anti-wrinkle creams, new sugar drinks and chips to prove we are savvy and superb evolutionaries.

For the questioning heart, why is it we pay for this beauty of modernity with an achy heart, soul weariness, knotty throat, “slumpy” shoulders, puzzled stares, tired movements, inaudible speech, and an overall I-don’t-belong-here attitude? One of these days, real soon, one of us may demand the creation of a gadget to filter the winds of isolation, the visions of a ghostly town-world, the zombie-like faces of our loved ones staring at their cell phones, the terror of countless store shelves and stacks of products promising a zillion beauty miracles, the mental anguish of deciphering the scientific names of our food ingredients, the tension caused by realizing our futuristic television set may not have sufficient realistic sound and image, or the felt hopelessness because our job title does not include words like “specialist”, “consultant”, or “ceo”, I mean CEO.

I often and intuitively sing quietly, in my mind, Once there was a way to get back home… The song casually floats through my mind, and I can’t help but think The Beatles offered a seed of wisdom in those lyrics. I remember in the religious teachings of my early youth learning about the masters and prophets of long, long ago and far, far away. I remember the gradual process of feeling, thinking, believing and accepting they were too far away. I lived separated from them for most of my life. They were the divine ones. They were the healers. They were the righteous and honorable. Then, I became the questioning heart. No story from long ago and far away satisfied my hungry spirit. For a while, I was truly infatuated with modernity, but, alas, I continued to thirst in the desert of forgotten truths. One day, not entirely out of the blue, I found my way back home. One may call it a true calling, divine intervention, a miracle, or, simply, the course of a new life and world promised to each of us. Whatever it may be called, it happened and it has been a wondrous, beautiful, magical experience. I discovered the modernity of archaism, and now I don’t ache as much when I’m commercially reminded my shoe heels are several inches too short or my cell phone takes grainy pictures.  Now I know the masters and prophets promised us the gift of their divinity, their healing power, their righteousness and honor. Those things belong to us. They are us.


Ascension: Its Cost and Profit


Ascension, to me, is a shared experience, or, should I say, an experience of sharing. Instead of placing one above others, the true ascension of one person motivates the ascension of another. No hierarchy exists within the ascension process. A core process of ascension is its ability to replicate itself within the heart of every person choosing to share the experience. It is not something which belongs to anyone, yet it can be shared by everyone. My insights into ascension are your insights as well. The divinity within me is the divinity within you. In the ascension process, I possess nothing that you may not also possess. The profit gained by sharing with you my positive journey of ascension lies in the actions you are inspired to take as a result of what you know about me. The same holds true for whatever I may learn about you. The most beneficial things I may share with you on the journey of ascension are completely free. The truest thing about ascension is that all of us have access to it at any moment, in any place. There is no waiting list and no financial cost associated with attaining it. The only lightworker able to provide you with the highest illumination is the one you find within yourself. My job is to show compassion and a desire to give to others what has been given to me on the journey.

“The only lightworker able to provide you with the highest illumination is the one you find within yourself.”

You may ask what has been given to me on the journey of ascension? What has been given to me is the blessing of joy and purpose under highly unlikely circumstances. By outward appearances, from the time I was born until several years back, hardly anything in my life shows the possibility of the awakening I have experienced. Far greater than the economic poverty into which I was born, was the poverty of spirit which entrenched itself in the framework of my environment. In the progress of time, I was to suffer from weak judgment expressed by profound emotional pain. However, in the midst of self-destruction, slowly but surely, I was led down a path of spiritual learning by the unexpected encounter of certain souls, the peculiar attainment of certain books, the surprising arrival of some souls in my life followed by the somberly departure of other souls I loved. Though life shoved me, punched me, and plastered me either through my own doing or the doing of others, the universal good belonging to ascension proposed to extricate me from deep and dark emotional depths. What I have been left with is genuine gratitude for the sequence of life events, whether they felt painful or joyous at the time of their occurrence, for bringing me to this spot where I now stand. What matters for me to share with you is that the ascension you may seek out there is nowhere to be found but within.


Lightwork Ahead: 3rd-Dimensional Discovery of the “Star” Seed

What I share with you is concerned with the heart. Its aim is to address the burdens carried by many. The words written here are not designed by ego. They are designed by love which travels at the speed of light and transcends the darkness of our streets. Inspiration motivates the co-creation of ideas based on divine love and wisdom. There is great and sure reward in this work. There is thankfulness for the stream of light and love which enters and permeates every word, thought, and action.

Every day we live the story which is the story of every man and woman on this planet. Every time we sit still and quietly, we are guided to describe the beauty and magic of every experience which takes shape in life. Again, it is the experience of every man and woman. It is a shared experience. It is not for myself, by myself, or of myself. It is of something benevolent and high, and we are a vessel of its work. The experiences described are not necessarily the stories of the front page news, covers of magazines, government officials, stars on film, magnificent athletes, or lifestyles of the rich and famous. The current stories of beauty and magic have increasingly become the stories of the most ordinary people on the planet. They are the stories of unfamiliar names and faces, unrecognized work, nearly empty pockets, broken down autos, creaky homes. This story can be about you or about me.


Today, people want to hear their own story echo across the sky. This is the moment when life shares the story that belongs to the weary soul seeking the ultimate answer. Long enough, we’ve heard the rags to riches stories of the few and far between. Now, we long to hear the story of the multitudes who have journeyed far and long eager to find the place of grace and glory. It is time to tell the story of the person who has little to no material achievements to display.

This day we tell the story of the person who wakes every day to a life of routine. We tell the story of the person who often strains to accomplish the obligations which ensure food on the table and a roof over the head. They are confining obligations which guarantee survival. In this day and age, a new type of slave has been defined. The strenuous work of today’s slave does not always test physical limitations as much as it tests the mind and heart. The heart endures the heaviest burden expressed by sadness and longing. Every daily task prompts the question of why. Why am I doing this? We are slaves with powerful, emerging demands to change the conditions of our surroundings.

We’ve stumbled on a breaking point in our journey. We can no longer live emotionally and mentally disabled unable to reap the joys of life. We ask this Universe to publicize the story of the tired and weary, the simple and plain, the hidden and weak. Let it be known that a new type of life matters and triumphs. Every question compels an answer because it is a fate of our journey. The breaking point has transformed the heart of every man and woman and the universe has conspired to announce it loud and clear and propel us to a future far away from the fatigue of the current moment, day, and life. The core of kindness and gentleness lies in the plea of each person to declare the life of anyone of us meaningful and important. Here lies the base for the manifestation of a new order which can catapult our cities to a place, not for him, her, or them, but for us.